Using Custom Stickers for Marketing

All companies take advantage of trade shows or conventions to hand out promotional items. You can find custom pens, notebooks, mousepads or travel mugs, most of which will be forgotten and left behind in hotel rooms, in the office.

Your promotional item must be a product that is attractive to the folks who are attending the event. You have to use common sense and play to your audience. If the show or convention is going to attract a wide variety of attendees or a young audience, then the idea to print custom stickers is an idea that you want to consider.

The stickers must have a fresh and striking design, which allows your brand or business to be more well-known and better trusted.

When it comes to material options, the sticker on self-adhesive vinyl is the most durable and flexible. Vinyl stickers adhere very well, are waterproof and resistant to ultraviolet heat.

Because you are giving promo items out for free, you want to make sure that the cost is minimal, and stickers certainly will fit any budget. You can order hundreds of durable, attractive stickers for less than what you’d pay for 10 or 20 other promotional items.

If you have spent the time to effort (and money) to design a high impact logo for your brand, your stickers will be a hot item. Before you know it they’ll be showing up on car windows, laptops, desks, the office coffee pot and more. This constant visual presence of the brand encourages fidelity from current customers and could help generate new customers.

The print custom stickers take up little space and their weight is almost imperceptible, thus, the public may feel more like taking one or two with them. Therefore, we emphasize the value of stickers as an active element in the promotional process of a commercial brand.